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I offer private vocal lessons to a broad cross section of clients. Whether you're a seasoned singer, professional presenter, or someone who is struggling to recover from health issues, my approach focuses on safe and proven voice instruction methods catered to your specific needs. It all starts with listening to and understanding your questions, needs, and goals to build an achievable plan.


Lessons are conducted in my studio or can be arranged via online video sessions. Coupled with flexible scheduling options, we can make meaningful progress in a way that fits into your busy life.


Get the skinny on group vocal classes, workshops, and events taught through Liz Johnson Voice as well as other great classes offered in the community. Classes cover a broad spectrum of topics and ability levels, providing you many ways to grow as a vocal athlete.


Attending a group vocal class is a great way to learn about your voice in a fun, relaxed atmosphere while meeting other people who are also interested in gaining the most from their voice. It's all about building community, so come join us!


Peruse our ever-growing library of instructional videos, documents, helpful links, and other voice resources. All content is free, and it always will be.


A big part of my mission through Liz Johnson Voice is to create and disseminate thoughtful and informed voice content. Your voice is such an important tool used in most facets of personal and professional life, but many people don't give their voice the attention it deserves. I want to change that perception by raising our collective voice intelligence.