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I’ve seen many voice instructors over the years (and I am one myself) but this was the first time I felt I was being given a true understanding of my instrument from the inside out.


- Emily G., musician and vocal coach

Before coming to this studio, many of my clients were:


  • Frustrated with random voice exercises
  • Scared of "vocal technique" ruining their natural ability to sing
  • Curious about physiology and anatomy of the voice


I get it. I've been there.

That's why I've made it my job to understand voice science (vocology) and the art of teaching. I want to truly TEACH, HELP, and CREATE with singers.


singers how their

voices work and

robust training methods


singers correct underlying functional issues so they can

  • sing the music they love
  • and experience more ease while doing it


exercise programs based

on healthy physiology

and psychology

A good voice always has room to grow! I recently performed live and a friend said, "I have always loved your voice, but there’s something so clear and effortless that wasn’t there before."


- Jennifer Holm, singer

& songwriter

Think of this like going to the vocal gym, only more therapeutically minded.


We go to the gym to correct our form, coordinate the body and brain, and get strong. We show ourselves what the voice is capable of based on great function and great acoustics! We get real, measurable results. We “program in” technique so you can just sing.


You can approach the vocal studio like a workout. There is concrete work involved and there are measurable results. No matter what kind of voice you have and what you plan to do with it, you can stabilize and strengthen it and get to know it more intimately!


- Abigail Flowers

My clients include:

  • "Natural-born" singers
  • Professional singers, including artists who have won Grammy, CMA, and Dove Awards, and finalists on television shows The Voice and America's Got Talent
  • Instrumentalists
  • Other voice teachers
  • Singers recovering from voice trauma or challenges
  • Professional voice users (actors, speakers, etc.)
  • Vocal ensembles and worship teams

Even though I’ve been fronting a band for a decade, I had no idea how to sing properly, and quite frankly, was afraid of my voice. The most stunning thing has been developing resonance in different octaves of my voice. I had no idea I was capable of that. My whisper of a voice has been replaced by this booming resonance.


- Joseph Aaron

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