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I combine my experience in psychology, vocology and music to strengthen and habilitate clients' voices, using practical and safe methods based in science. All options for voice training will be explored in lessons, including professional referrals if needed.


  What is voice habilitation?


Whether we conduct lessons in my studio or through online video sessions, we can engineer a plan that fits your life while maximizing progress. Explore this page to learn about all lesson options, plus client success stories!

Vocal Lesson Options

I offer the following lesson options for new and returning clients, all designed to provide the right amount of value and flexibility to meet your goals, budget, and schedule.


New Clients

If you are thinking about starting vocal lessons, I offer a free, no obligation phone consultation to determine how we can work together to achieve your goals. Please call or text me at 615-866-0488, or send me an email to get in touch. Click the button below to get started!

New Clients

Single Lessons

Single lesson options offer flexibility for clients who prefer one lesson at a time.

Hour Lessons


An hour is the ideal amount of time to address vocal function and also apply that to your singing or speaking voice.


 Single: $145

2 Pack: $260 - SAVE 10%

4 Pack: $490 - SAVE 15%

Single lessons can be used anytime, but lesson packs must be used within 30 days from date of purchase.

Half Hour Lessons


The half hour option is perfect for those on a budget, or who only need a quick re-tooling. This option allows time for learning one new vocal skill or troubleshooting a specific issue on a song.



 Single: $80

Single lessons can be used anytime.

Lesson Subscription Plans

Subscription plans offer the best value for clients committed to regular voice training.

Before selecting a plan, check-out these additional benefits for subscription members:

SAVE 27%

Vocal Athlete's Exclusive Plan


Sometimes a weekly lesson is not only wanted, but necessary. This plan offers a 27% discount for clients who need a weekly lesson for more focus on habilitation work, or for specific vocal or music related projects. Time can be used in blocks, individual hours, or broken up into multiple weekly sessions.



Includes 4 hours of lessons per month

2 Hours Per Month Plan


Choose this plan to keep yourself on track and have regularly scheduled lessons while you are learning new vocal habits. Regular lesson attendance helps pave the way for a lifetime of vocal stability and grounded musicianship. Time can be scheduled in half hour or hour segments, depending on your goals. Save 23%!



Includes 2 hours of lessons per month

SAVE 23%

SAVE 18%

SAVE 14%

Hour Check-In Plan


This plan is for clients who prefer a full hour to check vocal function, prepare music, or learn a few new vocal skills before returning next month.




Includes one 1 hour lesson per month

Half Hour Check-In Plan


This plan is for clients who are familiar with correct form and practice in their vocal exercises and just need a chance to check in once a month. Consider this plan a vocal check up! This plan will also be helpful for clients who need regular coaching on specific songs or finer points of their vocal function that can successfully be addressed in 30 minutes.



Includes one half hour lesson per month

Click the button below to schedule and purchase lessons or subscribe to a lesson plan. Please contact me for a user name and password.



Client Testimonials

Here's more of what my clients have to say. Let's work together to write your own vocal success story!


Working with Liz has quite literally changed my professional life as a vocalist. With her extensive knowledge and adept ability to communicate as a teacher, I have learned SO much about my voice and how to take care of it. I wish I could have started working with her ten years ago!

Christine N.

Los Angeles, CA, 2023



Liz Johnson has helped me find a confidence and freedom in my voice that I've never had before. She creates such a safe, sacred environment for experimenting and making sound. She has helped me unravel some of the anxiety and perfectionist tendencies that I brought to my music, and helped me experience full freedom of art without fear of "messing up" or "getting it wrong."


She has given me so many great resources to keep my voice in really great shape, and set myself up for success, even on days when I'm not feeling my best vocally. I used to be terrified of getting sick or losing my voice, but now I feel empowered and equipped to handle those situations and still have a great performance.


Savannah S.

Nashville, TN, 2022



To say that Liz Johnson is a miracle worker wouldn’t be fair. But I must admit that that is how I think of her. To use the word “miracle” implies that a wand is waved and something supernatural happens. The restoration of my singing voice has seemed like a miracle. But the really impressive part is how skilled Liz is at helping you to allow your voice to restore itself. Nothing could be more natural than that. If you are willing to let your anxiety go, and have some patience, chances are you will have more vocal function than you ever dreamed of having. I think it’s a wonderful trade-off. Whether you are a masterful musician or a young person wanting to start out on the right track, Liz will meet you where you are. She wants nothing more than to see you jump out of the nest and fly. I finally have my wings again!

Lisa Cochran

Professional session singer



After a few months of laryngitis, I ended up with a great ENT, who sent me to the Vanderbilt Voice Center for voice therapy. After a few months, the voice therapist referred me to Liz. Initially, she worked to give me the tools to heal my swollen vocal cords, and we've continued to build from there. Her approach includes teaching the anatomy & physiology of the voice, correcting my breathing and support, balancing my chest and head voices, and retraining other unhealthy singing habits. Thankfully, Liz is also very aware of, and addresses, the fear and emotional effects that can accompany vocal trauma. Her support and vocal techniques continue to challenge me to be a greater vocalist. My endurance, power, tone, pitch, dynamics, range, and "vocal acrobatics" continue to be better and better! I call her my "voice angel" because she helped me recover from my voice trauma and continues to help me become more efficient and solid. As a "voice athlete", I think it's very important to have someone keep me tuned in, so I can keep my voice healthy. In the same way athletes have coaches throughout their careers, I plan to work with her throughout my career. Liz is really knowledgeable about the voice instrument and can help anyone prevent damage and recover from vocal damage!

Amanda Cornett

Singer-songwriter, 2016



Liz helped me reclaim my voice by encouraging me to reconnect with my whole self: mind, body, and spirit. After being told by doctors that Botox injections in my vocal cords every 3-4 months for the rest of my life were the only way to reduce the strain in my speaking voice, Liz offered me hope. Her own authentic voice and ability to communicate with honesty and warmth were a welcome change after discouraging conversations elsewhere. Liz offered me concrete (and fun!) techniques to practice in our sessions and at home.


With this Liz's support, I rediscovered my love of singing and learned that my love for singing could help me befriend my speaking voice. Leaning into rhythm and melody when I talked invited my speaking voice, which had felt tight and broken, to open up and flow with more clarity. Liz has a sharp mind, and a tenacity when it comes to empowering others. She exudes kindness and joy. Liz's guidance and love have enriched the quality of my voice, and my life.

Claire C.

Nashville, TN



Losing my ability to use my voice after vocal polyps was heartbreaking and very defeating. Almost more defeating however, was the struggle to reconnect with my voice after all of the intensive vocal rest I was prescribed. I felt this disconnect, like every time I opened my mouth, I didn't know if my voice would be there or what would come out. As a songwriter, my voice was always my vehicle for my words and ideas. I felt very lost and unable to connect to my songs, myself, and others. I didn't know how to approach my craft, and every day was like this struggle with my voice. I was afraid to commit to sessions, to perform, even just writing alone was frustrating. I felt like my voice was so fragile I could hurt it, or it could lose its tone and power without warning. Liz gave me tools to strengthen my voice, and build resiliency. She taught me how to care for my voice when it was tired and use it no matter where I was that day. She helped me realize how many tools I have at my disposal, so that even on a day my voice was tired, I could still sing, write, and use what I had. After working with her, I feel more connected to my voice than ever, and truly love the feeling of letting it into the world. I can't believe the way it sounds now! Mostly she gave me back my feeling of power, my confidence, and my faith in my voice and its potential.

Angela Meads

Singer-songwriter, 2016



I personally know several people that claim that Liz helped them restore their vocal capabilities after various life-things had left them unable to vocalize normally, so when my 23 year old daughter Sophie, who has global aphasia (an extreme difficulty understanding and expressing language due to a stroke 4 years ago), regained interest in restoring her singing voice, I reached out to Liz. In spite of the language barrier, she interacted so instinctively with Sophie and showed such compassion and heartfelt desire to help her sing again, and sing she did -- not only that, but her speaking began to flow more easily as a direct result of Liz’s intuitive instruction and guidance. I literally cannot say enough about her wonder-working magic! Liz Johnson works with people from her spirit and heart in a way that goes beyond instruction into the area of true healing.

Marabeth Quin,

Nashville, TN



Liz inspires you to sing to your fullest potential. She not only shows you the intricacies of the tunes, but also focuses on nurturing your voice as an instrument. I came to Liz with a bunch of different vocal issues, and in the course of only a couple months, she remedied the problems with a set of unique and effective exercises. She is extremely encouraging, and most definitely brought out the best in me.

Akash Mujamdar

Vanderbilt Freshman, 2016



My lessons with Liz have been nothing short of life-changing. Over the last two years, I have grown more as a vocalist and as an individual than I ever could have hoped or imagined when we first began this journey. Her expertise, passion, and spirit influence every part of her teaching, and I am forever grateful that they have also influenced me.

Elizabeth Bankston

Trevecca University Graduate, 2016



Voice lessons with Liz taught me more than technique and literature: these lessons taught me about myself. Liz incorporates real life into what she teaches, which inspired me to put my own "creative touch" on songs I was learning. She encourages all of her students to embrace what makes their voices unique, in turn building confidence and personal style.


I would not trade my time with Liz for anything. She is one of the greatest music teachers I have ever had, instrumental or otherwise. Her talents as a musician and an educator are something to be treasured.

Chrysa K.

Vanderbilt Graduate, Nashville, TN



I learned a lot in my first 4 lessons with Liz. Her understanding of vocal anatomy answered questions I had about "pushing on my vocal folds" and "singing tight" versus singing with more airflow and simply feeling vibrations pass through my larynx.


I have developed more control of every register of my voice which is going a long way toward fixing my issues with inaccurate pitch. She gave me exercises that work out the muscles I need to build a stronger voice, and now I know clearly what to do on my own to continue to strengthen my low, middle, and upper register. Furthermore, my transitions between these registers are now effortlessly smooth because I know exactly what singing should feel like to produce the purest sound. One of the most fun things we did was analyze my voice with a spectrogram which is helping me learn resonance. I highly recommend lessons with Liz.

Dylan M., singer/songwriter

Nashville, TN



I really do think that without you I would have never found my voice and the crazy joy I get out of singing! The way you've taught me has made a connection between my heart and my voice and I feel so much more complete since I've had lessons with you. Your approach to teaching has always had a healing effect, as well as a natural feeling of enthusiasm for life and music. What I've learned in our lessons has translated to my entire life and personality.

Eva W., artist/writer

Boston, MA



I wanted to thank you for the gift your work has been for me and, through me, for [my audience] today. The reason I share this was that, knowing that I had [vocal] control made it that much easier to focus on sharing the story with the audience. This created an intimacy even in a large room. Allowing that much more conversational tone, even breaking into spoken word here and there, all made the stories that much more real for the audience. And for a songwriter/storyteller, having people hear the tales and then express how they were touched by them is about as good as it gets.

Gary Paul H., singer/songwriter

Santa Fe, NM



The Vocal assistance, guidance and instruction that Liz Johnson has provided Meet The Seavers over the past several years cannot be expressed enough. Liz’s instruction helped Dorothy transform from a non-singer to a Diva, and Liz taught me to love my voice!


She has a wonderful teaching style and a gift for explaining the mechanics of singing which is easily comprehended and put to use. We have used Liz’s vocal expertise during the recording of both our albums to date; “Sugar In The Raw” and “You Don’t Want To Tango With The Inquisition. We could not be happier with the results.

Jace S., of Meet the Seavers

Nashville, TN



[My daughter] learned a lot in her first lesson and I am happy to report she is practicing as well! You are an amazing teacher with a lot of depth to offer her.

Mother of a teenage student, Dhru U.

Nashville, TN



Thank you for your persistent enthusiasm, unwavering encouragement, and faithful spirit. You gave me good music, loving friendship, and a reminder that God works in all things every week! Knowing you and learning from you has been a true blessing.

Mindy B., Vanderbilt Grad

Nashville, TN



Taking voice lessons with you has truly changed my life! Your love, acceptance, and encouragement have allowed me to find true confidence in myself as a musician. You’re helping me bring my voice to life in the world. I have so many more colors to paint with, and I see no end in sight as far as potential goes. You've also helped me cultivate emotional depth that I was previously unaware of.

Rich R.

Nashville, TN



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Vocal Lessons

Liz Johnson SchaferI combine my experience in psychology, vocology and music to strengthen and habilitate clients' voices, using practical and safe methods based in science. All options for voice training will be explored in lessons, including professional referrals if needed.


What is voice habilitation?


Whether we conduct lessons in my studio or through online video sessions, we can engineer a plan that fits your life while maximizing progress. Explore this page to learn about all lesson options, plus client success stories!

Liz Johnson Schafer